Specialist Medical Centre and GP Super Clinic Coming To Carindale

A specialist medical centre and GP super clinic is planned for development in Carindale, QLD. 

The 1202 Creek Road site has just been acquired by Sydney-based Treelight Development Group and is one of the few remaining medical sites in the area. 

Traditionally a residential developer, Treelight founder and CEO, Jon Simpson said they are thrilled to be expanding to include medical and rehabilitation sites in their portfolio. 


“We are excited to deliver the Carindale site, the first centre of its kind in the area and is just one of seven new sites Treelight has acquired under the medical asset class,” he said. 

With an expanding portfolio, Treelight’s aim is to enrich communities through delivering sophisticated design and quality craftsmanship to healthcare, medical, and rehabilitation centres. 

Well recognised for delivering quality buildings and craftsmanship and with a long-standing relationship, Treelight is pleased to work with Tomkins Commercial Builders again for the construction of the Carindale Medical site, estimated to commence in May 2017. 


Rich Boers