Treelight and Goldbridge Partner to Address Growing National Crisis

Treelight Development Group have submitted a Development Application to City of Gold Coast Council yesterday for a proposed residential care facility in the heart of Southport.

Treelight founder and CEO Jonathan Simpson said legacy is what drives Treelight’s vision and that this project has been a collaborative effort across the entire development team to assess the social impacts for individuals, communities, investors and shareholders.

“We’re excited to be part of such a significant project, one which is cutting edge for Australia and certainly best in class world-wide,” he said.

The residential care facility will be operated by Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services who have been established since 1989 and successfully running a therapeutic community program since 1992 adjacent to the new proposed site with full support of City of Gold Coast Council.

Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services strives to be a leading provider of best practice residential and non-residential rehabilitation and mental health services.

Ben Williams, Chairman of Goldbridge said the facility has been extremely active in helping thousands of individuals with drug and alcohol dependency issues as well as those with mental health concerns.

“What is alarming however, is the steady increase in the number of people needing help. Goldbridge received over 6,500 calls last year with over 2000 callers requiring immediate assistance - sadly we could only take a fraction of that figure,” Williams said.

Williams says that the new facility will go a long way to helping many more individuals in need. But there is still so much more to be done throughout the country to address this growing crisis.

“Goldbridge is focussed on delivering better outcomes, not only for patients, their families, and the broader community, but also local, state, and federal government, and if we want to see significant change, it’s time for us as a sector to look at the problem differently,” Mr Williams said.

“This project and its partnership between public and private enterprise is an innovative solution making a sizable impact on an undoubtedly growing crisis, where traditional siloed approaches have failed to deliver in the past,” he said.

Mr Williams has indicated Goldbridge’s intent to replicate its program in partnership with Treelight, and continue to drive innovation within the sector through a national scheme; both in suburban and regional communities.

Boss Private Capital, a boutique property investment house founded and run by former Rugby League icon Paul ‘The Chief’ Harragon has also provided equity for the project.

Boss has been a capital partner behind several of Treelight’s developments, but with the Chief’s long-term affinity for sport, health, wellbeing and family throughout his career, the project is one he is delighted to be behind.  

 “We’re incredibly pleased and proud at Boss to partner with Treelight, but to partner on a project that not only makes commercial sense but tackles such a significant challenge that our country is facing in such an innovative way, makes this project really something special”, he said. 

The 7 storey building is designed by award winning architects ROTHELOWMAN and reconsiders the architectural programme of rehabilitation in a meaningful way, using a holistic design approach tailored for the complexities of residential care. The interior design reinforces a sense of community, wellness and rehabilitation. The de-institutionalised exterior integrates beautifully into the community, providing a landmark architectural feature to the Southport CBD.

Goldbridge administration offices have been situated on the proposed development site since 2012.

Kelly Prior